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By Rogers & Hammerstein

Performed in the 2003-04 school year

The classic musical is the story of Laurey and the two rivals for her affections: Curly, a cowboy, and Jud, the hired farmhand. The play takes place in 1906 in an Indian territory of the American West during the time when Oklahoma was established as a state. It tackles class issues between the farmers and the cowmen in the still-developing, rugged landscape of a state in its infancy as characters struggle to find hope, love and the fulfillment of "the American Dream." It is also a romantic tale of love. Curly and Laurey both have feelings for each other but have difficulty expressing it because of their stubbornness. Just to spite Curly, Laurey accepts an invitation to the local dance from the evil Jud Fry. Eventually, Curly and Jud duel it out, with Jud ending up falling on his own knife and dying. Meanwhile, Will Parker has returned early from his trip to Kansas City. Unfortunately, his girlfriend, Ado Annie, just can't seem to say no to other men. All turns out well in the end as both couples end up happily married.

Curley: Thomas Schneider
Laurey: Crystal Dietrich
Aunt Eller: Amy Gunderson
Ado Annie: Toni Ripplinger
Will: Andy Benson
Ali Hakim: Matt Voss
Jud: Brian Blonigen
Carnes: Kyle Eggerth
Gertie: Megan Doran
Cord Elam: Adam Pangrac
Chorus: Kara Koczur
Chorus: Matthew Koczur
Chorus: Hannah Olson
Chorus: Brent Pepin
Chorus: Emily Peterson
Chorus: Tirzah Peterson
Chorus: Summer Raatikka
Chorus: Kaitlyn Roerick
Chorus: Janel Scholz
Chorus: Brittany Kienbaum
Chorus: Nikki Johnson
Chorus: Marie Abeler
Chorus: Monte Abeler
Chorus: Marie Benson
Chorus: Neenah Funk
Chorus: Aimee Harren
Chorus: Brooke Johnson
Chorus: Leah Johnson
Chorus: Michelle Johnson
Chorus: Molly Johnson
Chorus: Ann Wielenberg
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