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The Music ManThe Music Man

By Meredith Wilson

Performed in the 2004-05 school year

Con man Harold hill travels to the small town of River City, Iowa to earn his fortune. He decides to convince the town that they need a boys' band and then plans to run away once the boys have paid for instruments and uniforms. He even claims to be a professor of music. His scheme is moving along perfectly until Harold falls in love with the town piano teacher, Marian. Even though she knows that he's a con man, she still loves him for the hope that he brought to the town. Harold, on the other hand, is inspired by Marian's goodness, reveals his secrets to the town and becomes an honest man.

Harold Hill: Thomas Schneider
Marian Paroo: Brooke Johnson
Mrs Paroo: Amy Gunderson
Marcellus Washburn: Kyle Eggerth
Mayor Shinn: Brian Blonigen
Eulalie Shinn: Marie Benson
Ewart Dunlop: Monte Abeler
Oliver Hix: Joe Koczur
Jacey Squires: Adam Pangrac
Olin Britt: Andy Benson
Maud Dunlop: Neenah Funk
Ethel Toffelmeir: Marie Abeler
Alma Hix: Michelle Johnson
Mrs Squires: Nadja Jorgenson
Zaneeta Shinn: Janel Scholz
Tommy Djilas: Matthew Koczur
Winthrop Paroo: Jacob Voss
Amaryllis: Bethanie Westrich
Charlie Cowell: Matt Voss
Constable Locke: Brent Pepin
Gracie Shinn: Kyla Doll
Chorus: Krystal Ripplinger
Chorus: Kaitlyn Roerick
Chorus: Nikki Johnson
Chorus: Lizzie Aleckson
Chorus: Isaac Schultz
Chorus: Caleb Benson
Chorus: Cheyanne Pachan
Chorus: Amanda Frieler
Chorus: Ann Wielenberg
Chorus: Lisa Scholl
Chorus: Deanna Gerads
Chorus: Ji Yeoun Lee
Chorus: Leah Johnson
Chorus: Gretta Swanson
Child: Zac Piasecki
Child: Kevin Ripplinger
Child: Ethan Schultz
Child: Nate Schumer
Child: Austin Smieja
Child: Vanessa Solarz
Child: Danielle Stiller
Child: Candy Welinski
Child: Jorden Pangrac
Child: Katie Nelson
Child: Aaron Cheney
Child: Brett Cheney
Child: April Daerda
Child: Natalie Funk
Child: Emily Harren
Child: Kristine Jensen
Child: Brooke Lampert
Child: Kimmy Mrozek
Child: Amanda Wuebkers
The Music Man
The Music Man
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