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Lil' AbnerLil' Abner

By Norman Panama & Melvin Frank

Performed in the 2005-06 school year

Based on Al Capp's cartoon characters, Lil Abner is a "hillbilly nonsense" musical centered around the community of Dogpatch, U.S.A. In this town, drinking Kickapoo Joy Juice, fishing, and the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance are everyone's main concern. This is, of course, until the government conducts a study that deems Dogpatch to be an unnecessary place, to be evacuated so that the area can be used for atomic testing. The remainder of the action follows our main characters' attempts to show that Dogpatch is a "necessary" place after all, despite the interference of a determined General Bullmoose.

Mammy Yokum: Jenny Achmann
Lil Abner: Adam Pangrac
Daisy Mae: Kari Swanson
Marryin' Sam: Andy Benson
Pappy Yokum: Ethan Schultz
Earthquake McGoon: Jason Lojovich
General Bullmoose: Brent Pepin
Dr Finsdale: Janel Scholz
Senator Phogbound: Matt Voss
Available Jones: Joe Koczur
Evil Eye Fleagle: Matthew Koczur
Appassionata: Ashley Fleishhacker
Mayor Dawgmeat: Monte Abeler
Lonesome Polecat: Isaac Schultz
Hairless Joe: Aaron Voronyak
Romeo Scragg: Jacob Voss
Clem Scragg: Caleb Benson
Moonbeam McSwine: Gretta Swanson
Stupefyin' Jones: Emily Peterson
Government Man: Aaron Cheney
Guinea Pig Wife: Tirzah Peterson
Guinea Pig Wife: Nadja Jorgenson
Guinea Pig Wife: Molly Johnson
Guinea Pig Wife: Michelle Johnson
Guinea Pig Wife: Kyla Doll
Guinea Pig Wife: Marie Abeler
Bullmoose Secretary: Tamara Wudinich
Bullmoose Secretary: Jackie Wensmann
Bullmoose Secretary: Nikki Johnson
Bullmoose Secretary: Neenah Funk
Dogpatch Resident: Bethanie Westrich
Dogpatch Resident: Ben Wuebkers
Dogpatch Resident: Kaitlyn Roerick
Dogpatch Resident: Anna Peterson
Dogpatch Resident: Michael Pangrac
Dogpatch Resident: Jessie Pangrac
Dogpatch Resident: Leah Johnson
Dogpatch Resident: Nathaniel Groetsch
Dogpatch Resident: Mariana Amorim
Guinea Pig: Tim Johnson
Guinea Pig: Luke Johnson
Guinea Pig: Cody Johnson
Guinea Pig: Joe Binek
Scragg: Danica Cheney
Scragg: Krystal Ripplinger
Scragg: Andrew Piasecki
Scragg: Maria Lange
Scragg: Jason Kuechle
Scragg: Brad Kaiser
Scragg: Brittany Gerads
Scragg: Brooke Westrich
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