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Upsala Drama Club

Upsala High School, Upsala MN


By Jerome McDonough

Performed in the 1995-96 school year

Set in a juvenile detention center, Juvie depicts the life of kids who are scared, lonely and locked up. Some are drug offenders, some have killed and some are just misfits. Although the set never changes, the "juvies" venture out of their cells to tell why and how they were caught. The barren cell and lack of props are effective and in keeping with each character's desolation.

Jean: Sara Baggenstoss
Sunny: Danika Morphew-Tarbuck
Skip: Ben Gapinski
Carey: Terri Soltis
Andrew: Ben Gerth
Ann: Angela Sass
Pinky: Amy Lashinski
Jane: Sarah Hennek
Guard: Jason Langner
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