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Upsala Drama Club

Upsala High School, Upsala MN


By John Michael Tebelak & Stephen Schwartz

Performed in the 1999-00 school year

As the cast of actors makes its way through the songs in the show, we, as audience members get to see the parables of Jesus Christ come humanly and hearteningly to life. The show also touchingly presents the story of Jesus' last moments beginning with the Last Supper. The main story of Godspell is portrayed in the show's subtext--in the way the players interact with their leader, coming together to create a loving community.

Jesus: Jeremy Johnson
Disciple: Molly Johnson
Disciple: Kara Koczur
Disciple: Mary Jo Koopmeiners
Disciple: Amy Mader
Disciple: Naomi Olson
Disciple: Shannon Petron
Disciple: Joe Trettel
Disciple: Sandy Trettel
Disciple: Leah Johnson
Disciple: Jennifer Johnson
Disciple: Alicia Hovland
Disciple: Laura Cluka
Disciple: Chantelle Frie
Disciple: Jennifer Fuchs
Disciple: Adam Gapinski
Disciple: Mary Gerth
Disciple: Suzy Gerth
Disciple: Amy Gunderson
Disciple: Sara Gunderson
Disciple: Matt Voss
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