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Competition PieceCompetition Piece

By John Wells

Performed in the 1997-98 school year

"Competition Piece" revolves around three one-act teams from three different schools; yet, they're all attending the same play competition. Each team is headed by a very different director: an art-school flunkie, the director who is trying to repair her own shattered dreams by putting together a championship play, and the 2 - 185 record basketball coach that's been "forced" to direct the play.

Sarah: Danika Morphew-Tarbuck
Teacher 1: Julia Theisen
Teacher 2: Karina Buchholz
Teacher 3: Kristi Pepin
Judge 1: Gloria Czech
Judge 2: Josh Gerth
Judge 3: Nathan Johnson
Student: Ben Gapinski
Student: Lindsey Doran
Student: Suzy Gerth
Student: Sandy Trettel
Student: Anna Passi
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